Moving a 360º camera can open up whole new opportunities for VR experiences. We now offer remote controlled (RC) vehicles which have built-in stabilisation and can carry a variety of camera packages.

The key to these vehicles are the small size and flexibility to cover bumps in the ground and varying heights. The camera can be set between 1m – 1.6m in height. The system features full wireless control and can be paired with wireless monitoring systems so crew can be fully hidden as the vehicle moves around locations.

The 360º RC vehicle features a gyro stabilisation unit which counteracts bumps and turns during traversal. This helps greatly to provide a smooth action and experience for the end-viewer.

The Virtual Reality 360º Video VR RC Vehicle is available for Wet Hire only from London, UK. Contact Us for pricing and availability.



  • Compact footprint (80cm x 54cm)
  • Quiet electric motor system
  • 4wd all-terrain vehicle
  • Tuneable chassis to suit different terrains and payloads
  • Powered by high capacity Lithium Polymer batteries (IATA compliant, under 100Wh)
  • Quick release telescopic height adjustment
  • Telescopic post gives a camera height range of between 100cm/39″ and 160cm/63″
  • Payloads up to 12kg/26lbs (camera & gimbal)
  • Vertical travel of approx 12cm/5″
  • Lightweight rugged aluminium and carbon fibre design



Here is an example of our work with the 360º VR RC Vehicle and a Z4XL camera system: