SpeedVR provides an end-to-end 360 video production service which focuses on client goals, working together to deliver advanced, market defining 360 video production and virtual reality production content. Our team will take a project through the main stages of VR production including filming, post-production and platform delivery. Unlike traditional production companies, we are highly experienced in 360 camera technology and post image-stitching, enabling us to know the limitations of the format and the impacts on the desired audience. We can deliver dedicated interactive app development and deployment for brands. Our 360 videos can be distributed through widespread video sharing platforms such as YouTube 360 and Facebook, and across mobile handsets through Google Cardboard and similar applications. We offer and custom 360 video production solution for every VR client. Enjoy a selection of our publicly available work:





On receiving a brief, we look to consider the desired delivery platform or audience and how this will impact on our filming strategy. Unlike 2D production, 360° video production requires a commitment to considering stitch lines, camera positioning, post-workflows, sound capture and even forms of narrative. Typically what works in 2D doesn’t work in 360° VR filming. 360° Stereo3D is another choice to be considered, with further complications in production and post, but which results in an incredibly richer and more immersive experience.

360° virtual reality film production is such a new concept, the creative freedom enjoyed can be hampered by the the capture technology currently available. Our core expertise lies in making the most of specific equipment to fit each project’s needs. We will be asking technical questions of the project such as:


  • How many stitch lines are preferred
  • Is parallax size relevant
  • Does the project require Stereo 3D (with time and budget)
  • What are the POV/FOV limitations and action positions
  • Will the camera need direction & mobility
  • Does audio need to be spatial or stereo

For every project, we will have worked out and tested our projected post-workflow to ensure efficient time for delivery, including any grade and VFX/compositing requirements.

The most common delivery platform is currently desktop-baed Youtube 360 and Facebook, with GearvR/Android used for a mobile phone audience. Alternatives can include custom app creation/delivery for branded content, and 360° videos aimed at the advertising opportunities on Oculus/HTC Vive and Samsung GearVR HMD headsets.