Sometimes when a drone cannot manage the endurance or altitude of a specific shot, helicopter 360º aerial filming is more suitable. They can fly higher, faster and for a much greater period.

As there are limitations on EASA mouts for helictopers, 360º cameras are mounted on lengthy poles held out of the side door by the camera operator. They are balanced by a gyro-stabilizer, providing smooth balance and countering the vibrations of the helicopter.

We always use a genlock-sync camera system to ensure the stitch lines are perfectly matching in time, therefore countering movement and micro-vibrations.

The Virtual Reality 360º Video VR Helicopter filming kit & crew is available for Wet Hire only from London, UK. Contact Us for pricing and availability.



  • Up to 2hrs continuous flight time
  • Gyro-stabilized camera
  • Genlock pixel sync camera
  • Up to 8k resolution
  • 2metres extension from helicopter



Here is an example of 360º VR helicopter filming: