Moving a 360º camera can open up whole new opportunities for VR experiences. We offer drone hire which can carry a specific set of VR 360º camera packages.

We utilise the new Inspire2 drone from DJI with a custom mount. The system features full pilot monitoring for safe use, along with object avoidance sensors and the latest GPS navigation.

The system can be paired with Kodak SP360-4k cameras, or for short periods of time, a Freedom360 Broadcaster with GoPro Hero4 Black cameras. With 360º cameras mounted on a drone, there will often be issues with micro-vibrations where the cameras vibrate independently of each other, thereby making their stitch-lines quite clear and obvious. We have established a workflow in post to deal with these acute issues, enabling much smoother and more seamless 360º equirectangular images obtained from drone filming.

Our pilots are CAA fully qualified and we fully adhere to all current UAV flight legal requirements and rules for all aerial work.

Our 360º Drone service is available for Wet Hire only from London, UK. Contact Us for pricing and availability.



  • DJI Inspire 2 Drone with controller
  • 710g max payload
  • 2kg thrust per propeller
  • Approx 14mins flight time with F360
  • Approx 20mins flight time with Pixpro
  • Object avoidance sensors
  • Dual battery mode for redundancy/safety

CAA Qualified

Fully certified CAA approved RC Drone Pilots. Our pilots hold valid PFAW (Permission for Aerial Work) licences.

If you are considering using a UAV for commercial aerial images the pilot MUST hold a PFAW and £2M third party insurance cover.