Working in Post on VR can be a complicated process. We work with a range of software programs and different workflows to suit each production. Services we offer include:


  • Freelance Image Stitching
  • 360° Video Editing
  • Export to VR Platforms (Youtube, VRvideo, Littlstar, Android/iOS, Google Cardboard, HMD’s including Oculus)
  • Stereo 3D VR Video Alignment






Our first task is to stitch the multi-camera images together, whether they are from 4,6 or 12 camera VR rigs (or more). We generally finish to a 4K output, although we can finish in larger sizes (8K). We polish and blend the seam lines to reduce the joins in the images and add stabilization and other techniques where necessary.

We edit on common video editing platforms, however we have the toolset to view in live VR to an HMD so our clients can see the feel of the video long before it is exported, saving large amounts of time. We also grade and add VFX or paint if suitable to clean up images.

We export to all the current VR platforms including directly to headsets such as Oculus, as well and 360° Youtube and for VR applications on mobile phones (Android/iOS). Each platform has its own market audience. See our guides for more information.




Spatial audio is a cutting edge technology which enables a user to move their head position, relative to a sphere of audio which tracks around them. This can be achieved through the use of specialist recording equipment, fully in post through 360° sound design, or through a mixture of both.

For example, should a loud noise such as a car cross in front of a veiwer’s gaze in a VR HMD headset, and they choose to turn their head right, they will hear the audio dynamically shift to be more dominant towards their left ear. It is a process with the intention of raising immersion by providing a more realistic representation of how our ears perceive audio in the real world.

We offer a full 360° virtual reality spatial audio service including recording and sound design. YouTube & Samsung GearVR support full 360° spatial audio at this time and we have extensive experience in delivering for both.